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Enjoy the Tranquil Effects of an Outdoor Fountain

Wall FountainYou can add to the beauty and tranquility of your exterior space with the addition of an outdoor fountain. You can enjoy the peaceful sound of trickling water on a balcony, patio, deck or in your garden.

Wall Fountains

You can add an element of timeless beauty to your patio by incorporating the classic lion wall fountain in the design. If that fountain design does not appeal to you, there are other options such as a wall fountain with a cherub figure, shells, mythological images and magnificent sun face designs.

A wall fountain can be attached to the exterior wall that borders the patio. If you have privacy fencing around your patio, you can attach a wall fountain to a portion of the fence. When arranging your outdoor patio furniture, an outdoor wall fountain makes a wonderful focal point to build the design around.

Tabletop Fountain

Every outdoor living room includes several tables in its design. If your outdoor living area does not have the accommodations for a wall fountain, you can still enjoy the tranquility that the sound of trickling water provides by adding a table top fountain to your outdoor room.

Once you begin exploring the vast variety of tabletop designs available, you will quickly discover that there is a fountain for every outdoor living decor and decorating theme you can imagine. If you are a gardener, you would probably love a tabletop fountain design that provides space for you to plant succulents or other small flowers around the base of the fountain. This type of fountain is ideal for an outdoor dining table or coffee table centerpiece.

Outdoor Fountains In The Garden

You can release your creative spirit when choosing a fountain for your garden space. A large tiered fountain can be used as the focal point of your garden. You can utilize the area around the fountain to plant seasonal flowers. This space can easily become a part of your holiday decorations. Endless possibilities exist when selecting a large fountain for your garden.

If your garden space is small and a large decorative object would look out of place there, a small, uniquely designed fountain would be a nice alternative. If you have a sturdy trellis in your garden or fencing around the garden, a wallOutdoor Fountain fountain could be incorporated into your garden space.

Illuminated Tranquility

You can find lighted fountain designs that are sized for a tabletop or large garden space. Soft illumination adds an additional element of serenity to the area surrounding the fountain. A lighted fountain would be a great addition to a meditation garden. The smallest balcony space can become a tranquil retreat with the addition of an illuminated tabletop fountain.

Indoor/Outdoor Waterfalls

A free standing waterfall designed for indoor or outdoor use can be added to your patio room during the summer so that you can enjoy the soothing sounds and visual beauty of a waterfall while relaxing outdoors. You can move the fountain indoors to your bedroom or den to enjoy during the winter months.

Adding a fountain to your outdoor living space or garden immediately makes the area more tranquil. A fountain has mesmerizing qualities that you will find soothing and calming. Most likely, creating a peaceful place of relaxation was one of your goals when you designed your outdoor living space. Adding a fountain is an ideal way to assure that you accomplish your goal.

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