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Garden Design Ideas for Year-Round Pleasure

Outdoor LightingWhen you begin selecting decor for your garden, your attention is probably focused on spring and summer themed items. With just a small amount of pre-planning, the decorative items you add to your garden can become year round objects of beauty. Adding decor that can be transformed into seasonal decorations is a frugal and creative way to decorate your exterior space.

Planters For The Garden

Container gardening continues to grow in popularity. Containers are a wonderful way to add color to your garden. They can also help you establish a theme in your garden. Tiered baskets on a stand and hanging baskets are often added to a garden so that beautiful trailing vines and flowers can become a part of the visual display.

Once summer flowers have finished blooming, you can re-purpose some of the planters and baskets to serve as containers for fresh evergreens and winter hardy plants. Add a decorative bow and you instantly have a fall or holiday decoration.

Garden Structures

You may want to include an arbor, trellis, gazebo or other outdoor structures in your garden design. These structures provide an excellent place for adding decorative items to your garden. Garden figurines or benches can be placed at the base of a trellis or arbor. Lights can be added to a gazebo to make your garden a place of beauty in the evening hours.

All of these structures can be transformed into holiday decor as autumn and winter arrives. There is absolutely no reason not to enjoy you garden year round. All you need to do is vary the decorative garden accessories to coincide with the seasons.

Outdoor LightingWind Chimes

Lighting is an important part of your garden d├ęcor. The abundant variety of solar lighting that is currently available gives you the opportunity to illuminate your garden so that it can be enjoyed day and night. A solar spotlight can be used to draw attention to an outdoor fountain, spectacular shrub or stunning piece of garden art.

String lights add a sense of festivity to your garden area any time of the year. Garden globes, reflective wind chimes, and a bottle tree with a collection of colorful bottles all look stunning when illuminated at night.

You can add lanterns, pathway lights and post lights to your garden. If you have a fence, you can include sconce lighting. All of these options can increase the ambiance in the garden any time of the year. Once again, decorative bows and greenery can be tied to the lanterns to decorate your garden for the holidays or special occasions.

Whimsical Outdoor Decor

A garden is the perfect place to allow yourself some child-like humor and to let the fun side of your personality shine through. You may want to add a collection of colorful metal chickens to your garden. A family of frogs or barnyard animals might appeal to your whimsical side. Adding garden art that immediately makes you smile as soon as you catch a glimpse of it is a sure way to enjoy your garden.

Topiaries can be a decorative and enjoyable addition to a garden. Spinners and wind chimes add movement to your garden. Bird feeders enliven the area and can be as creative and decorative as you desire.

By thoughtfully selecting the items you add to your garden design, you can create a garden to enjoy all year long. You can design it so that it is a place of colorful, exciting beauty during the day and a peaceful place of tranquility when softly illuminated in the evening.

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