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Exquisite Ideas for Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor KitchensOutdoor kitchens are popping up all over the country. Appropriate for small or large patios, you can spend tens of thousands of dollars, or you can install one on a much smaller budget. With so many options and possibilities, it can seem overwhelming to even think about the design. Here are some design ideas to help inspire you.

Consider Shelter for the Kitchen

Many outdoor kitchens are exposed to the elements. Designed to withstand the beating, the bigger question is whether you will want to cook outside when it’s raining or the sun is making things uncomfortable. Consider installing your kitchen beneath an overhang, or build your own protection by putting it into a covered area on the patio. You will appreciate the shelter, and your kitchen appliances will last longer.

Sheltered and Hidden Away

Sometimes you feel like cooking, and sometimes you’d rather just relax. Consider creating an enclosure for your kitchen that will allow you to hide it away when not in use. One idea is to build your outdoor kitchen in a sheltered area by the house, and then install sliding doors in front of the cooking area. Not only will you maintain the appropriate atmosphere, but you will also provide your appliances with important protection from the elements when weather is bad.

A Toasty Campfire and Pizza Oven

Many patios feature a fire pit for enjoying a campfire when the weather is nice. With a pizza oven, you can enjoy the campfire and make dinner at the same time. This won’t replace your grill, but it’s a great addition that will see a surprising amount of use. It also doesn’t have to be attached to the kitchen. It can be the focus of another area of the deck, so you can enjoy the fire even when the kitchen is not in use.

Stone Surrounds for the Cabinets

Your outdoor kitchen will feature a grill, a sink and possibly a refrigerator. You need cabinet space, but you also need Outdoor Kitchensan attractive surround for all the appliances and cabinets. Brick is readily available, but stone is a more sophisticated choice. Whether it’s stacked or installed to show off natural shapes, the stone is a durable and attractive choice for your kitchen.

Eliminate Straight Lines and Sharp Corners

Your kitchen inside is a study in straight lines, but your outdoor cooking space doesn’t have to feature anything so ordinary. Custom designed and built, it can feature elegant arches, graceful curves and a relaxing style. The straight grill and other appliances can easily be fitted into the curves, and the result will be a stunning look that is sure to delight you.

The Outdoor Breakfast Bar

You love having a breakfast bar inside the house, and you can now enjoy one on the patio. Build the kitchen in one area, and then design a bar that will go around two or three sides of the cooking area. It makes the kitchen the center of activity when you’re cooking, and it allows your friends to sit and keep you company when you’re working the grill.

There are countless design options for your marvelous new patio kitchen. Whether you shelter the kitchen under the eaves or build a stunning arbor for it is largely a matter of personal taste. Take your time planning the kitchen. Ask for advice from local professionals, and see if your friends have any interesting suggestions. When you take your time planning the perfect kitchen, you are sure to be rewarded with a kitchen you enjoy throughout the season.

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