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Decorating Ideas for Arbors in Your Outdoor Spaces

ArborArbors are a beautiful addition to any outdoor living area. Creating shade and a framework for climbing plants, it’s the ideal accessory when you want an elegant touch. Once the structure is in place, consider dressing it up more with these amazing decorative touches.

Draped Fabric for Shade

Drape fabric along the top rows of your arbor. Allowed to drape down in between the wood slats, the fabric creates shade and softens the straight, bold lines of the arbor. You can also have the fabric fitted to sit neatly along the top and drape down along the two sides. Place dowels in the long ends for weight, and you can shift the fabric back and forth as necessary to enjoy shade and privacy.

Hanging Fabric for Privacy

If your house is a little too close to the neighbors, enjoy some privacy by hanging curtains along the side of your arbor. Draped neatly and tied to the corner posts, you can close the curtains when you want a little privacy, additional shade or even relief from invading insects. The curtains will look fantastic whether they are open or closed, and you will love being able to create a private cocoon within the protective border of the structure.

Lights for Ambience

Wrap little white lights around the posts and top beams of the structure for evening ambience. Gently draped along between the posts or tightly wrapped around wood beams, the lights will cast a gentle glow after the sun sets and make your entire patio area more attractive. Consider mounting a few lights on the posts for additional lighting when you are entertaining.

Plant Support

Hanging plants look marvelous when suspended in the corners of an elegant arbor. Plant fast growing vines like clematis or morning glory in these planters, and train the plants to climb Arborand drape over the top beams. Weaving together and interlocking between beams, the plants will provide you with dappled shade and an incredible flash of color.

Themed Designs

Transport yourself to the beach by making your arbor look like a beach shack. Hang small nets around the posts and secure them with floral wire. Add resin starfish and seashells to continue the beach theme. Include a bench inside the structure so you can sit down, relax and take in the seaside ambience.

Include a Swing

With the right structure and support, your arbor can support a swing. Placed at one end or squarely in the middle, the swing will become one of your favorite areas for relaxing. Create a shady hideaway with curtains and canopies, or enjoy being in the middle of a glorious garden by planting climbing vines around the arbor.

Whether you decorate your arbor with tulle ribbons and change the color every month or add glorious color and texture with live flowers and vines, your arbor will become a stunning addition to the patio. Use it to create shade and your own private retreat by adding curtains to the sides. A beautiful finishing touch for any outdoor living space, you will make your patio luxurious and sophisticated when you add a tastefully decorated arbor.

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