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Your Guide to Outdoor Structures

ArborIn any outdoor space, it can be easy to add appeal thanks to one of several outdoor structures. These structures might be to add interest to an otherwise ordinary garden, or to add shade to an area which otherwise would need to be avoided during the peak summer months and anytime it rained. With this in mind, consider which of the following structures would look good in your own outdoor space.


An arbor, much like a trellis, works by installing a latticework of wood between two posts or even two walls. Then, topping the lattice work is plants or vines to cover up the space and provide shade. This allow for a very natural and organic way to provide shelter from the elements, and looks great over any space, including patios or gardens. However, the downside is that not all plants will survive during the winter months.

Shade Sails or Awnings

Much like an arbor, a shade sail or an awning works by providing cover to an outdoor space from the elements. While they can often stand up well to strong winds and rain, they can look artificial in some cases.

By deciding between these two outdoor structures, anyone can cover up their outdoor space year round and enjoy it to the fullest.

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